Monday, March 30, 2009

Let’s Talk About S3X

I have a problem with sex. I have a problem with people’s attitude towards sex.

I have always thought no more about mankind that it’s all about sex. About procreation. About love being just chemical reactions and lust being the under-acknowledged side effect. I can be very cynical about love, that’s it’s no more than a physical (i.e. protein in your body) illusion that make you shut up about the pain of raising a child with a husband that’s alcoholic, bad-tempered and fat.

My point is that so many things have been sexed up. A lot of things in our life have been associated with sex.

A sexy sale person. Understandable.

A sexy bartender. Even more understandable.

A sexy sex-worker. Need I say more?

What is so in my face, is that even a couch can be sexy. OK, I hear you say people may be induced to have sex in it. I’ll let you have that.

What about a sexy car? A car? Sexy? Something that’s cold, metallic and boxy reminds you of sex?

What about a sexy mobile phone? You often hear “sexy” thrown into anything. Selling something by putting sex into it has never been more evident nowadays. Even a mobile can be sexy? Perhaps this is what people talk about – acceptance eh? Even though I don’t quite get it but I should assume some people do get aroused by a mobile phone?

If you think that my definition of sexiness is that literal – I admit it, as I don’t know what else to think of when people use the word sexy. Are you even surprised that human sexual activities now involve having sex with a car?

What else is sexy that you hear in your daily life? We’ve so far covered cars, mobile phones and furniture. Why not throw in a sleek and sexy laptop to spice things up once in a while?

Let’s go to the most obvious one – clothes. I think we human create lots of problems for ourselves. We’re such conflicted energy patterns! Let’s just picture an office scenario where a married manager just sees his secretary with clothes that you would call sexy (as you’re told when you see the advertisement that the clothes have such an effect). Day in and day out, this man is stimulated but not taken care of. Every minute he’s reminded of sex, of sex that he’s not having. Can you really blame him for having an office affair?

So why are we worried about children maturing much early physically? Apart from food that we eat, like I say above children are exposed to sex much earlier than those people selling sex now. People are also hypocritical – whilst we allow these sexy intonations reverberate loudly in our daily life, we condemn nude paintings of a child.

I feel so confused living in our society. Whilst a penis or vagina or even butt and breasts are pixelated on TV, we’re screaming of sex by all other means. For what? Just to sell products. Just to abuse consumer psychology.

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