Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spun Round and Round

As much as I was a Kylie fan, I had never like Spinning Around much until I heard this concert version. Smartly remixed with Cheryl Lynn's Got to be Real, which has now become my top-play, these 2 great dance/disco anthems are a match made in heaven. I just wish Kylie made a CD of this concert because I really really hope to have this track as mp3 so that I can blast it from my N95. The costume is brilliantly made reminiscent of music video Spinning Around itself, where Kylie makes golden hot pants a smash hit worldwide.

Another concert remix that really has me going is Madonna's remix of Music and Disco Inferno, the love child being Music Inferno. Not only it's fierce, this kind of fierceness can only come from the Queen herself (and her team) - whoever the person that came up with the idea of mixing these 2 pieces of iconic songs has my hat off to him/her.

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