Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My favourite Things

One of them is criticising religion.

Recently Pope Benedict spoke about the use of condom, which in his opinion would fuel AIDS pandemic. Wow, such an insight.

So, does it mean the church’s pro-life principle propagate births of HIV-infected babies? This is something that I can’t get through my thick skull – they always talk about a child is god-sent and his or her faith is tested by the path chosen by god. When a baby grows up, how do you answer his/her question, “God wants to test me by giving me AIDS?”.

First of all, what does a child know about faith? Does a baby develop faith already when s/he is in the womb? So in order for me to believe how mysterious god’s ways are, I have to accept that god injects both HIV virus and faith into an embryo upon conception? How do you tell that to so many African children, who will probably not live past 20 years old. If a woman or a man is HIV+, why does god still want to give him/her a baby? As if testing the faith of an adult isn’t enough that a baby is put on the line too?

Sitting in such a high position, one can’t be help being ignorant. A very funny question – according to most faiths, Christianity included, everything is made by god; if we build a rocket and hope it’ll fly to Venus, we know it’ll depend on god’s endorsement – so, isn’t the invention of condom a not so mysterious way of god telling us to use it? That’s why I cannot accept religion – one way they are always so righteous about something but then totally inconsistent about other.

If it is not god’s way, why are there rubber trees? It also begs the very very question – who put HIV virus among us? I can’t help wondering why put so many people on earth (and deplete all the resources) only to bring them back to his bosoms? Is it some sort of an accelerated “life” that god puts people on a hot HIV train?

I have said it before, if god wants everyone back to heaven or hell, why do doctors save lives? Is IVF god’s way too? If god makes someone barren or shoot blanks, you think medical intervention will not earn you a strike in his book? And church also stands against abortion.

Perhaps the pope should try use his penis once to find out why people have to use condoms to enjoy his creations. I don’t know why people don’t ask how come the Pope can’t have sex or children? If his genes are so good for mankind, wouldn’t it make sense for the Pope to have more children to spread god’s love?

If it’s god’s way to get people back to heaven or hell, how are we supposed to stop it? And why would we if heaven is better than earth?

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