Friday, August 29, 2008

oh Dr. M



Mahathir has disappointed me again and again.

He was the one that jailed a reported in the 90s for saying something against him. Now he's criticising the current government for starting to take blogs seriously, to the extent of stopping blogs altogether. Blogs are now seen as a great weapon against the government, because all anti-government sentiments are spread over the internet on various blogs.

He is one to talk! Out of his old half-Malay wrinkly ass! He can very well be #1 on the "Eat My Own Words and Slap My Own Face" list. And who was such a big fan of the ISA? It'd not be Internal Security Act but I Suck Ass (to be consistent with the anal ambience the government has so meticulously set). He can either suck the front or the back - but I'm sure his won't work.

It also brings me to another point - the Malaysia government is nothing more than a crab parent who's trying to teach its children how to walk straight (of course by punishing people who have anal sex). On one hand they claim that Malaysia is democratic; on the other they are shutting people up (well, for years now they have controlled the main media streams like how tight Saiful sphincter was before he was plough by the 60yo Anwar).

I'm funny and fabulous to put sphincter and media together. Fierce!

People, on various political blogs, whose word I deeply admire, keep saying that why hasn't the government understood they lost the support. To me, this comment is totally USELESS. We don't have to question why they haven't understood and started to change. We don't have to hold expectation for Bodohwi to finally awake from his long sleep.

Because the WON'T happen! What needs to happen is for the people to awake and smell Najis! OK, maybe that's a little to far but what I'm saying is that government is the people's slave, quite literally. If you can't work for us, we'll fire you. As voters who put these people in the parliament, group up and tell your MPs that you no longer support them if they still belong to BN.

It's not about the question is change is better. Change is not necessarily better but we can hope that it'll be. The current government is rotten to the core. They are greedy, selfish, power loving and lazy! And who more seditious than these people who try to separate the people by badmouthing the other races when they talk to one race?

MCA and Gerakan have been cowards for eternity to UMNO. And UMNO has grown (I'm not gonna say arrogant because arrogance still makes them good) GREEDY and OLD. The only way to stop everyone's else suffering is to stop altogether the unhealthy relationship UMNO is sharing with other alliance parties.

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