Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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After Abdul Rahman, the rest of the PM are all flawed in a lot of ways. Abdul Razak was the mind behind 513, who plotted for the marching & celebrating opposition to clash with his own Malay army, after BN lost to the opposition. This was done even though the then PM instructed otherwise. Of course after the riot, Abdul Razak overthrew Abdul Rahman and became the 2nd PM.

I have nothing much to say about Hussein Onn. Except perhaps he was the one that started using keris to stab Chinese. I need to get my facts. Got my facts – he wasn’t the one with the Malay dagger. But his fault would be spawning the evil next generation, Hishammuddin Hussein, who threatened, several times, to stab the Chinese with a keris.

Mahathir – supposedly the most glamorous one. He’s the best. Best in inflicting social injustice and crying at the right moment (better than Meryl Streep). He interfered with the judiciary by brain-washing judges and dictating court decisions before a trial even started, reduced the power of the Sultans and the King, set-up Money. Inc in UMNO, copied Abdul Razak’s trick in making Operation Lalang in 1988 a success, limited media transparency and freedom by jailing and suing journalists, played Two-Face in sucking up to the Chinese when he needed the votes and fucking them (the bad way) when he didn’t, continued to influence politics when he’d have died and also totally denied his Indian descent father. Basically he’s like a bastard relative that has lived too long to cause pain all around. Not to mention his involvement in bringing down Abdul Rahman.

Abdullah Badawi – the sleeping beauty. He recently attended some formal function in Kuching and was caught falling asleep again! He suffers worse than erectile dysfunction – because his whole body and mind shut down all the time. What can I say more than calling him a limp dick and he has sucked a lot of erm, OK I’ll be nice, money. No project that he has taken on has been successful. Everything has been half baked. He is not only a sleeping beauty but also an external-beauty-only pageant. Everything he has done is only in the NAME. He just can’t get it up!

The upcoming PM – one that has successfully assured UMNO Malaysian Members of Parliament, that their interests and bank accounts will be taken care of. This bunch of losers, apparently losing all logic and conscience, conveniently overlooks the fact that this PM-to-be is alleged to have involved himself with having sex with a Mongolian woman, blowing her up with explosives, fixing court outcomes and the latest helicopter bidding. As long as these MP’s finances are taken care of, Najib will sit comfortably on his PM chair. And did I forget: Najib was also the one that would bathe his keris in Chinese blood.

Go visit Malaysia people. But please avoid having sex with any government officials. You may not even have a body for  your family to bury. For anything – I don’t blame these politicians too much, because it’s Malaysians who are stupid. Stupid enough to be screwed in displeasure.

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