Saturday, September 13, 2008

More arrested!

Seputih MP and Selangor state executive councillor Teresa Kok and Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter Tan Hoon Cheng have also been arrested under the ISA!!

On one hand I'm so glad to hear opposition Chinese women have risen to prominence, worthy of the ISA, on the other I'm worried about their safety. Those police dogs have no mercy. I wish someone would come up with a police logo with dogs on and I wanna promote it!

The Only Way to Abolish ISA: Crossovers & Supporting the Opposition! I have been saying this since day 0.

The people are stupid in the eyes of the government. They think we're ostriches which bury our heads in the sand. Heck, they are trying to push our heads into the sand. But they don't know we have a periscope! And I'm glad they keep showing they are a one-trick pony.

I'm glad now they have detained a prominent royalty RPK and 2 Chinese. What more can we ask? The police have actually given us the greatest gift ever - the cause. Now not only the Indian (Hindraf), the Malay and the Chinese too - woohoo, all Malaysian - will rise. Tsunami will come again and this time Bodohwi, Najis and Mahathir (can anyone think of something funny for his name?) will drown for good.

GERAKAN should immediately detach from BN; Sabah's 进步党 shouldn't wait any longer to be fired from BN. The ball-less dogs MCA should really grow a pair otherwise they will 垫尸底 for BN.

Shame that most media in Malaysia are controlled by the government. Those who aren't should stop saying things like "The government should realise and change.." bla bla. No, no one should expect them to change. Firstly they won't because they have too much at stake. Secondly we need to let them reveal the big bad (old) wolf underneath that sheep skin. What they should report - how and when Anwar will form new government and the development of Altantuya's murder trial. I learned this from John Howard - I don't give free publicity to my opponents, which is exactly what the government is doing. The people are already burning with charcoal and they are given more fuel to burn brighter.




One of the versions of the origin of 中秋节 is that the Ming Dynasty was formed because of mooncake. As the Mongols didn't eat mooncakes, the rebellion inserted a short note in the mooncakes and gave them to everyone. The note told them to kill all the Mongolians on the 15th of the 8th month. Perhaps we can see something similar this time?

At this very grave moment, the ruling government is tempting the opposition to riot and taking the chance to declare the state of emergency. That way, they will be able to capture all opposition and continue to rule for another 20 years. I hope Anwar knows what to do next. We're all waiting for the tide to start.

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