Saturday, September 13, 2008


RPK has been arrested by ISA.

Well, I can't say I'm totally surprised as RPK said before it very well would happen. I was very grateful for ABC to have shown a documentary of the by election and interview with RPK a few days ago.

I feel sad for RPK but I think it is necessary for him to be detained under ISA. He knew it was coming and he was prepared for it. He is our HERO.

The detention was inevitable and it is paramount that the police actually detained him under ISA, which is blunt, cruel and injustice as ever before. It has always been used to the benefit of the ruling party in order for them to control their opponents. With RPK's detention, UMNO has no doubt nailed itself to the coffin. The people will be unrest. The people will rise.

Of all the "nasty" things RPK has said on his blog, he was detained for defaming islam and not the government. Funny or not? So the government is now the speaker of islam? Again and again, the government has chosen to act on very childish and self-interest reasons.

What a perfect timing, just after Ahmad's suspension. So now when people ask how come Ahmad isn't under ISA, they would just say he's already been suspended. Between a man who discusses islam and one that spreads seditious racial sentiments, we arrest the former. The government is very scared indeed.

The government/ruling party, is playing the racial card for the 3rd time. In 1969 (513) and 1988-1990, they played with the racial and religious cards openly and without shame. When they are losing the Malay votes, they abuse the fear of losing aboriginal rights among the Malays. Is it coincidental these things have to happen every 20 years? This time the opening act was Ahmad. We still haven't climaxed yet.

That's why RPK was charged for defaming islam and not the government. Firstly they want the conservative, in other words ignorant, Malays and those sitting on the fence not to support RPK (hence Anwar) because of the anti-islam position he's deemed to take. Secondly, why tell the people the reasons why RPK has been criticising the government for. Who would want their dirty laundry to be aired again and again, free of charge, especially when the ruling party is losing.

So very smart.

Abdul Razak (1969) used it, Mahathir is a master at it (1988-90) and now Abdullah and Najib. Nearly 40 years after 1969, can Malaysian wake up and smell the shit? We fell for it twice, is 3rd time a charm? Or an alarm not alarming enough?

I didn't understand why people say politic is nasty when I was a boy. I think I've started to now. I started by advocating the total destruction of Barisan National and racial administration and I stand by it. BN and its constituents have to go. Period.

Please pray for RPK. He had "insulted" a few times the Inspector General and the national prosecutor - I won't be surprised if they punch him again, as per Anwar by the then IG.

The detention lasts for 60 days. Today is the 12th. I'm thinking, he should only be detained for, say 5 days at the most, if the thing that's supposed to happen happens.

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