Saturday, September 20, 2008

Free Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Others Held Under the Internal Security Act

Now that Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng have been freed, we need to exert more pressure on the government to free our hero RPK.

Sign the petition here.

I'm very worried that Bodohwi is finally losing power and might be stepping down earlier than planned. If he steps down, the successor will be a bigger monster. Bodohwi is a sleeping beauty (for the lack of a better term) but Najis will be a much worse enemy for the opposition to go up against. Najis appeals to a greater number of UMNO MP's hence making it just that more impossible to cause defection.

Being one that openly and proudly threatened to bathe a Malay sword with Chinese blood, I really "have no eyes" to see what shall happen next. All the assholes in UMNO and BN will just shut one eye to his involvement in killing Altantuya, settting up Anwar with Sodomy 2008 and stealing money from the Defense Ministry.

Again I have to stress that there's no use in saying things like why UMNO or MCA don't get what the people want, especially after the 308 political Tsunami. It's not that they don't get it - they don't have to! Because they have their own bank accounts to worry about. Why worry about the country and changing it for the better? All the big shots have their self interests to take care of. Government funding is their source income - why so stupid and throw it away? Bodohwi or Najis, they just want their income protected!

It comes down to the remaining Malay UMNO voters to realise that they have been robbed by UMNO, of supposedly their aboriginal rights. Yes they have such rights but only the top few get to enjoy it. I think a powerful speech should be given by the now ruling Agong, to the Malays - we have been robbed by UMNO. Do you realise it? UMNO has cut off all our "benefits". We have all been fucked by UMNO. The grass root Malays have to hear it from the Agong, as all the royal rulers have been effectively made into puppets by Dr M since the 80s.

In my opinion, Anwar has to move faster and get to the Agong for his appointment as the new PM. Otherwise, as the UMNO MP's already know this hence they are pushing for Najis to take the top position of the country. As soon as Najis seizes power, I'm sure the first thing he will do is to sodomize Anwar in the most pleasurable way. All the opposition leaders will be arrested under the ISA indefinitely. When Najis becomes the PM, all hope will be lost because this Chinese hater (not in the literal sense as I'm sure he just 'hates' the Chinese to get Malay votes) will do ANYTHING, like his father, to end power struggle in UMNO and the country. When Najis becomes the PM, all the judges and lawyers handling Altantuya's case will be silenced forever. RPK will warm his 6-by-8 cell with his bare ass. And that's only the beginning.

At this point, ironically, I hope Bodohwi holds up against Najis and his minions, as long as he can. Anwar, who might have been giving empty promises on defected MP's, needs to act quickly otherwise prepare to be sunken with the French-made submarines or blown up by the remaining explosive powder to kill Altantuya.

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