Saturday, September 06, 2008

Touring Divas

cher tina turner live in concert 2008 madonna sticky & sweet tour kylie minogue x

These are the 4 tours that I desperately would like to see in 2008!!! But only Kylie's X tour is the possible one but I might not be in Australia already.

I would have to say, the shows I look forward to the most are Tina Turner and Cher's tours. These two "aged" divas are rocking it up better than any younger singers could ever dream of. Cher is 61 and Tina 68! Incredible aren't they?

Not a big fan of Madge this time even though I would like still to see her live. This money sucker isn't coming to Australia anytime soon. I bet she'll still be able to sell a concert when she's 78!

Will have to get their DVDs I suppose.

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