Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another cool Gadget


that I wanna introduce is Google Chrome. It's definitely a cool browser. Having dumped Internet Explorer and tried Safari and Mozilla in 2 days, I got rid of them even quicker. Luckily Google had the answer!

I love the download feature, after which you've selected the folder for download, the downloaded file will appear at the bottom of the browser and you just have to click to open it immediately. You could also view recently downloaded files. I so love it when I'm opening a Mininova file - makes it easy for downloading torrents.

I love its tab browsing very very much! It fits my usage like a glove. Often times I love to open lots of tabs and close lots of tabs continuously. Using IE was such a pain, its tab size always changes after one tab has been close. So one has gotta keep moving one's mouse to "X" the tab. But with Chrome, the work is easy! When I'm shutting down tabs, it doesn't even open the tabs that I wanna close. The size of the tabs stay constant (tab sizes become smaller and smaller when you open many tabs) and I just "X" all the way until I'm satisfied!

The next feature that I adore is password/identity saving. The improvement I have experienced, compared to IE, is tremendous. It doesn't have a pop-up like IE, but a bar (like Mozilla) below the address bar, that asks me if I want to save password/identity. And it works on so many web sites that IE doesn't! And one best thing about it being a product of Google is that I no longer have to sign in (again and again and again on IE) when I'm leaving comments on blogspot. What a relief! I don't even have to sign in again and again to go into Sherly's blog as I'm already in Google world!

Another pet peeve of mine, as stated above, is to open many many tabs at the same time. Let's face it, we are using broadband, we have to let many pages load at the same time so that I can quickly move on to the next when I'm done reading the current page. IE does this quite well but Mozilla and Safari doesn't. Chrome hits the right balance for me. It allows opening web pages in the background so it doesn't interrupt my current reading (unlike Mozilla and Safari).

One thing that either Mozilla or Safari (I can't remember, as I only used them for one day each) does well is its photo saving ability. I hate it when a browser keeps opening a common folder instead of a folder that I have already saved the previous picture in. It annoys me that I have to click click click. I really think they don't understand what tab browsing really means if they can't incorporate this feature into their browser. Or perhaps it could be my cookies not being enabled (which I doubt). If I'm looking at someone's blog with many scenery pictures, I want to be able to save them into one folder. And also none of these browsers allows me to save a picture directly by just right clicking. It would only let me save the size that is displayed, but not the full resolution one.

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