Saturday, December 06, 2008

It’s official – I HATE children

I’ll repel any that comes in 1 meter radius from me.

Yes I am a SATC whore and I am becoming one of them. So today, live experience one – Miranda and family day at her gym, where she nearly had weight bar fall onto her chest – I was attacked by some little demons at a pool. This wasn’t the first time. And every time – the parents assumed that it wouldn’t matter.

When someone of the age over 18 doesn’t know something of civic duty, we call them ignorant. Children are ignorant too. Parents who behaving in an assuming way are to be blamed. Just control your freaks! Don’t expect me to be tolerant of your spawns. I don’t have to. It is not my civic duty to give away my 30 minutes at the pool for children. It is not my civic duty to give up my rights for children!

That is it – next time when it happens, I’ll definitely speak up to the parents. If you can’t control them, please tie the tubes up.

I’m so sick of everything that is “pro-family”. So what, single people don’t count? You don’t have to help out single people too? Every time I see on the news, we’re gonna make something that is more family-friendly or for working family. Hey, no one asks these people to reproduce, no one asks these people to produce more CO2-producing things. If you wanna have them, please don’t expect my courtesy to give up my pool for you!

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