Friday, December 19, 2008

I’ve found religion

and that’s not Madonna!KylieX2008_July_Berlin_(21)

Kylie – yay!!! Such a great and adrenaline-pumped night! Great songs, great choreography, great dancer and great lighting!

I danced like crazy. Whenever her earlier songs like I Believe in You, On a Night Like This, Your Disco Needs You, Step Back in Time, Love at First Sight and I Should be So Lucky were sung, I just couldn’t stop singing to them until I lost my voice.KylieX2008_July_Berlin_(14)

My ears are still ringing… and if someone says anything to me now, I would only hear half because my right ear is still clogged.

The encore, which consisted of Love at First Sight and I Should Be So Lucky, sent everyone frenzy. And I am glad that I did my homework in learning most of the lyrics.

Thank you Kylie – a very nice ending to my 7 years in Melbourne.KylieX2008_July_Berlin_(13)

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