Saturday, October 11, 2008


It’s been a while since I last blogged about Malaysian politics. Ever since RPK’s detention, I feel that a part of me is gone with him too.

Nevertheless, seeing this report has made me boil.

尊阿都拉为民主改革之父 许子根吁放内安法扣留者

The Father of Revolution. This time Kor Su Koon has gone too far. Too far! Kissing UMNO’s ass like this – this is barulah unnatural sexual behaviour!!!! I am so angry.

Bodohwi has not done anything that is worth mentioning at all other than contributing to the Australian economy! He started with “Tak Nak” that should be reducing smoking. We tak-nak you lah Bodohwi. Then he moved on to corruption. Who’s caught? That stupid Zakaria died (or was allegedly killed) just one day after his scandal of building a mansion from public money was exposed. Corruption has never been worse with everyone tied to him getting more under-the-table money and contracts.

Judiciary reform – what have we seen? He didn’t even want to meet with the people for a conversation despite openly talking about “I wanna listen to the truths” – truth my ass!!!!!!!! Inter-faith dialogues were stopped. Human-right activists detained indefinitely one after another. High-profile criminals like the DPM are protected. The de-facto Law Minister, appointed by Bodohwi, fired himself after the arrest of RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Cheng Hoon.

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