Monday, August 28, 2006

And so the semi-final 1 begins

It's a bit different this year from timing point of view, which I think is kool as they cut the crap so that the viewers don't have to be waiting for week after week only to get to the Top 12. Moreover they, hopefully, get to keep the viewers tuned in continuously for the 5-day semi-final show.

Oh yes, in case you haven't caught on - it's the time of the year where singers-wannabe-but-were-undiscovered people trying to impress the nation and one of them will be crowned the xxxx Idol for the year. There can be only one international Idol so far - Ms. Independent Kelly Clarkson. And also first Idol ever (who they call Pop Idol) in the UK years ago - Will Young, who has a very uniquely distinctive voice but unfortunately it only reverberates in the UK air space.

The performances from the Aus Idol last night simply boiled down to two singers - Damien Leith and Dean Geyer. The former-Irish-turned-Ozzie lad had the complete control over his angelic voice when he sang Joe Cocker's "You are so beautiful". He's not a terribly good-looking guy to start with and he could use some help with what he was wearing but his voice just blew everyone away since day 1.

@lf's goosebump index: 4.0/5

Of course the highlight of the show belonged to Dean Geyer, who is the most gorgeous guy of this batch of Idols. He was confident and his attire was up to (mine) expectation. If I had to choose, Damien would be the way to go. Having said that, I believe that Dean still had a lot left in this tank. He's still young and sadly not enough interpretation of the song was coming through.

@lf's goosebump index: 3.5/5

A moment of grief must be given to one of the hosts, Andrew G, who I dunno if anyone's hair could get any more hideous compared to his. I had just gotta turn my head away or shut my eye lids whenever he showed. Those dreadlock or mullet of hair!!!! It had gotta go mate. He was the Bachelor of the Year for crying out loud when Idol started in 2003. I guess he has forgotten about a hair appointment since then. I wonder if Madge thought the same way when he interviewed her earlier this year.

That's all for now. More Idol shit will appear in this space I reckon. Have a good week ahead folks.

Ed: he's supposed to be at the gym NOW.


Winnie Wong said...

Who's Ed?

Alfred said...

Ed = editor which so incidentally happens to be me ^^


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