Thursday, August 03, 2006

Supersick Returns

Had a freezing night on Sat out on Docklands with Winnie and Sherly. The view was very nice. And some very unique statues. And two great friends. Unfortunately I wasn't dressed warm enough that night hence I caught a cold.

Woke up with a headache on Sunday. Some uncontrollable shiver while visiting a friend at the hospital. And they all got worse on Monday - when I started my 4-day long (until now) of sleeping therapy.

First 2 days were all fever and headaches. My cold cycle wouldn't complete without coughing, phlegm, blocked breathing but runny nose bla bla...And that's what happened on Wed & today. As a result I have missed work on Mon and Tue. Had no choice but to go to work in cold on Wed. It was horrible. I couldn't help shivering. Also I have missed several classes and more importantly my preparation for CT5 exam in Sept has also been interrupted.

I wanna get well tomorrow.... And I am missing my parents..

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