Saturday, August 05, 2006

I got Stoned

Saw The Family Stone finally. It was something that I had wanted to watch since its launch. The movie has a cast of all stars - Diane Keaton (being the corner Stone), Sarah Jessica Parker (not so sex-in-the-city this time), Dermot Mulroney, Luke Wilson, Claire Danes and Rachel McAdams.

It's all about family. I guess we all can have a million friends and they all come and go. The only constant in the equation is family. There are a few touching moments in the movie which has been successful in tearing me up. They are all related to when the family members find out that the mother, Sybil Stone (played by Keaton) is sick and may not live much longer. Another one was when Meredith Morton (SJP's character) totally surprise the family by her Christmas present.

I wonder how my siblings and I are gonna play out when we are all grown-ups. Siblings are people you could love and hate but they are someone that you could call your own.

When can a family dinner go wrong? Well that's the climatic part of the movie where homosexuality, racism and bigotory are laid out on the dining table. If a house is the collection of a family's history I'd have to say that the dining table is the recorder of even the most intimate conversation.

Another interesting feature of the movie is that their gay son is also deaf hence there's sign language in the movie. I feel that whatever one says, accompanied with signs, means doubly more. You have to mean it to say it and to sign it.

I just had to cry after it ended thinking about those who are across the ocean. Miss them terribly.

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