Thursday, August 17, 2006

Catching up with myself

Been a while since I last made an entry when I got sick. Boy, that was one hell of a cold. I think I was bed-ridden for 5 days at least and didn't eat much. As a result I lost 1kg. No worries there, I am sure it's finding its way back. The loss of time is really biting my ass hard and deep. I am consequently so behind in my studies, espcially in CT5 which I shall be taking on Sept 12.

Coupling that with my part-time job. I am hardly studying, if at all, the accounting subjects and APC2. The assignments are looking at me eagerly. Sorry guys I am all spent. I don't want it to be a lose-lose situation. For all the folks that are studying and working at the same time, keep the good work. For God's sake I haven't been shopping in the city. The best way I find is to go straight back home everyday. A little shopping theraphy couldn't hurt? That wasn't me - it was a voice from the back of my mind!!

PJ is getting better. I finally saw her today after 2 weeks! Couldn't risk spreading my flu virus to her. I brought lunch for her and her father as the mother had gone back to My. She'll be back very soon with her youngest daughter.

And my obsession with the 70s and 80s disco music is the thing that is keeping me sane now. Often high having a night fever or enjoying it when it's raining men or let's groove. Was estatic when I finally solved the $1,000,000 question that had been bugging me in my head. There was this song that often played on the TV on a show featuring the departure of loved ones at the airports. The chorus was "...when will I see you again...". It felt like some part of me was awakened when I heard that. It was a song I listened to growing up, among hundreds of other great 80s songs. When I went home in June/July, even my cousin, who I assumed should have known, didn't even know the name of the song even though it was sooooo familiar to both of us.

You know what they say about looking for things? It won't come to you when you look for it. So I totally forgot about it for some time until I heard another song which I had loved (but didn't know the name) on Australian Idol. Whilst looking for information other singers on Wikipedia, I found out both of the songs!!! Namely, Let's Groove (the one on Aus Idol) by Earth, Wind & Fire and When will I see you again by The Three Degrees!!!! It was such great joy to finally solve the puzzle and go down the memory lane.

Unfortunately it hasn't all been good. Dad got in an accident BUT he was alright. After fearing for the loss of one of the person I love the most, I asked Mom the question - which car was it? I know it's bad but I couldn't help finding out if Dad would change the car if it was quite badly damaged. Anyway, Mom said something that I have been thinking about since even she said it so ever subtly. It's quite obvious to deduce the reason for which the accident happened. My heart just sank when I heard that. It wasn't the first time Mom ever tried to get the point across.

They do desperately need help at home. With everything. They need a child by their side. There's one actually but, well, he's the youngest child. Thing is he's not exactly the most responsible person on earth and he's in the most rebellious period of life. Parents don't often get to him. All he's into is PC games. And he lies and whinges and shouts and is rude most of the time he's approached. Mom sounded fragile momentarily before she hid it again, when she was complaining to me about it.

Torn. And I shall not thinking about it anymore as tears are rolling, ready to break the dam.

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