Tuesday, August 29, 2006

it's all about yesterday

Some random thoughts that had gone through my mind yesterday, which I had them jotted down for this entry.

1. My table was a mess while I was trying to work out a budget for my 2nd half of the year. Had to work out my expenses estimation so I had to dig out the years old utility bills from a box. And ta-dah! Out it fell my nail clipper which I thought I had lost for more than a few months! How the hell did it get into that box is something I will try not to comprehend. I do have another one, which is bigger than this one. Big things aren't always better - trust me.

2. Talking about budgeting - yes I am drawing up a master (sounds big and serious enough?) budget and finally putting all the accounting knowlegde I know in the income statements and balance sheets. To show that I am totally into get this thing going, they will comply with all the rules and regulations by AASB and ASIC.

3. The second semi-final of the Aus Idol pretty much sucked. There was only one voice that I thought was good. Unfortunately I didn't agree with her song choice - when the 16-went-on-17 Jessica sang Whitney's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody". And she had already sung "I Have Nothing" in the pre-lim. It just felt wrong as if she was singing some 50-year-old songs. I love Whitney Houston. Even though WH made those hits when she was very young (but still older than the 17yo!) Jessica looked simply baby-hit-me-one-more-time-Britney. I am not very sure about young girls doing ballads from the 80s and 90s; somehow the images striking my mind are way too different to what I see on stage. She could try go more Kelly-Clarksonish or Chrrrrrristina-Aguilerish or even Brit-Britney-ish. Fortunately the rest are not even worth mentioning so move on people.

4. Smokers please stay away from me!!!!! I have to activate my repelling magnetic force field whenever a big (sometimes small) man-size polluting chimney comes close to my breatheable vicinity. Too bad the force field doesn't work on them - normally I would be teleported 3 meters away instead of them.

5. Have been sitting too much and less exercise, especially on my butt. It's getting flabby and my pants are screaming coz they don't feel the snuggly fit anymore. Pat butt. Oh yea....Felt like 40-year-old melon. Kids, say goodbye to lifts and short-distance tram trips and hi to stairs!

6. Nightmare came true. Ocean 13 is being made now as we speak. 12 was already too much and 13 is coming up? 11 was bad to start with. So what are they gonna rob this time? Not another casino please? Maybe they'll try the reserve bank? Or or or - this time they are going to help the US government to steal crude oil!!! If there's no good idea for doing a trilogy, don't.

And that would be all for now. Enjoy your day and hope you get better PJ.

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