Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gone with the wind

I thought I was going to be late at 5 to 11 this morning. I had totally forgotten that I was working as I was studying immensely into CT5. Now that had not happened for as long as I could remember. Hurriedly I changed and made up (men's grooming which would normally involve shaving; in my case add little moisturising and waxing the hair) and out I went. Luckily I had picked my outfit in the morning. Yes it takes me 10 mins or so to pick something to wear in the morning. Otherwise I'd throw everything from my closet on my bed after trying them on and taking them off.

It was not possible for me get to Monash Clayton by 12pm. I just thought that I could be late by say 20 minutes? Then I remember Stephanie (my supervisor) saying "5 minutes late is OK, but xxxx is already 20 minutes late and she is still not there?" when xxxx was late for work one day. I was pretty much sitting on a hot pan on the train. I was on the Frankston line which wouldn't go to Clayton, actually. The brain had to work when one was desperate. If everything were on time, I was strategising, I could get to Monash Caufield and catch the shuttle bus to Clayton for free! But that would be really tight on time as the bus would leave at 1140 and I was just passing South Yarra at 1130.

Expectedly I arrived at Caufield train station fashionnably at 1139!!! Having a pair of legs which don't train much at all was really a pain in the legs, literally, and the lungs. In no time I was catching my breathe heavily as it was 200m (maybe less) between the train station and the bus stop. And I hear you say - he's not gonna make it. Right you are, I didn't make it and it was 1140 going on 1141. I had no choice but to half-walk-half-run to the train station and catch a taxi. Sherly please tell me this $19 ride is claimable against my tax? And I was late by 5 minutes and no one reported me!

On my way across the beautiful campus, I saw a couple lying on the field. Not so much of both lying, it was more like the man holding the woman as if she's dying. The Gone with the wind look. The guy was sitting half way with one hand holding the girl's head another holding her shoulder whereas the girl's head was on his lap. (OK I guess it didn't turn out as funny as I saw it)

Something funny was the emails I sent out yesterday regarding people walking into their parents cannodling. I am not gonna recite them here because those were taken off Jay's blog. Funny how parents came up with reasons for their sin, for which without we wouldn't exist =P. One couple told their omg-are-they-doing-what-I-think-they-are-doing child that they had to get naked because the Singaporean weather was too hot; another one said that they were trying on clothes (please tell me you don't do that in bed).

So it's quite a free day at work. Chances are I am not claiming overtime today. There might be another entry coming up later today when I get home with pictures from Dancing on Ice. I love all the dancing shows! DoI on Channel 9 and DWTS (that is Dancing with the Stars) on Channel 7. Love to see good bodies (well sometimes NOT when there are the elderly involved but their spirits well respected) with lotsa bling-bling on their clothes swinging around the dancefloor. I am blown away most of the time especially the show is nearing the end as the dancers get better and better.

And the coffee made me sick - it wasn't hot enough and I suspect it wasn't skinny but full-cream. Next time I need to scream "skinny" at the coffee people. Should I lash out more since I am on the coffee thing now? You gotta read it anyway =P. I am pretty unimpressed by the people who work at HQ Coffee at Monash Uni compared to the cafes at Melbourne Uni. They are just slowwwwwwwwww and the queue gets longggggggggggg. There's often no one to take orders and maybe someone is making the coffee. I hate waiting if there's no one before me. Maybe I am just missing all my coffee buddies. MISSING YOU!!!

I am getting all naggy. Off I am.


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