Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Thank you!!!

Now my oscar speech: ah-hem! I never expected I would .... you know the shit.

Haha, sorry for being incoherent but I'm just too happy to be able to post this pic on the blog space. Just very happy to get my salary reviewed and increased by $1 per hour. Yes you heard me right. I am very happy about it. Let's hope I'll get more than that after a few more months!!

All the botiques and shopping complexes in the city are paging me violently upon hearing the news =P But I think I'll answer the page from my bank and credit card accounts first.

Btw I did, or at least thought of doing, something very disgutable (but would be pleasurable if successful?) while on my tram way home from AXA after meeting Cheryl today. I hear you ask... Maybe I'll let you know when there's a next time.

This bitch is gonna do some *homework* now.


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