Sunday, August 27, 2006

Grevious Budget

Good Alf: Was originally planning to go to New Zealand at the end of year. But with PJ falling sick and SS falling out of employment, NZ has just become 1,000,000km further away from me.
So there's a change of plan that I might go to Sydney with Sherly to visit Winnie at the end of year, IF both of us have enough money! (Winnie you get the hint there)

Evil Alf: Satan (get it?) I feel so poor now after working out my budget for the next few months. Income almost balanced out expenditure. All thanks to my CT5 exam (so if I fail I am not gonna be an actuary anymore!), CPA qualification assessment (if the PR application tightens then I'll pack my bag balik kampung) and some very very bite-you-in-the-wallet retail theraphy. Let's just say that if I didn't incur all of those, I would be $1200 R-I-C-H-E-R.

Evil Alf: I am already having an idea of how to make more money - no, not by prostituting myself even though that might actually be a fantastic (but not good) idea - which I am not going to tell you. It's not going to the all-mighty ATM lah. It's not gonna be much though. (Good Alf shakes head and goes - Haih....)

Good Alf: Will definitely have lunch at home more often now, cut down on bloody expensive caffein intakes and no more going into the city.

Evil Alf: Should I chop my credit cards into pieces and stir fry with some vege for dinna tonight?

Evil Alf continues: I think I still owe my sister a free (luxurious) free meal - let's hope that she has forgotten about it OK? And please, don't you dare remind her!

Good Alf: We had better stick to the budget that we just drew up, you know, to account for every single sen.

Evil Alf, carelessly: Stick it up your @r$3 mate!

Ed: and so the battle between good and evil continues...

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