Saturday, August 19, 2006

-0-This bitch is back-0-

My voice cord feels like it's been polished with sand papers. Why? It's been the Bee-Gees-+Earth-Wind-&-Fire+Scissors-Sister sing-a-long thing since I downloaded those beatiful 70s-80s disco dance tracks. To be serious I was, have been, high just listening to them. All the stress and tiredness are just danced away. Feel like dancin' yet? With the right one I'd say "bring it on babe" =P

It was raining lightly last night and I was trying to, what-else-you-would-ask, cram as much as possible into my filled-with-filth brain. And then I watched a DVD which talked about having unprotected sex anonymously and getting HIV and spreading it too. I have to say it took quite an impact on me. Rubber it or go f yourself?

I knew it would be a great day yesterday. I didn't fall asleep in Financial Accounting 1 lecture even though was busy sms-ing while listening. Sorry loh, credit's expiring soon and I know it was pathetic. But a few at-least-I-still-care-to-reply people replied and they all did help me stay awake the whole 2 hours. I mean, the people around must be thinking that I was popular or something coz my phone's just kept blinking and I was just typing away.

On my way home I mms-ed Winnie my new haircut pic. After telling her I felt like I needed a new pair of sunnies she asked me to get a pair of nerdy ones to match my nerdy look. There I was after that, at the well-lit and I am sure it's doing something to seduce my wallet to go in it - my store Myer. After trying some cK, DKNY, Gucci (I was so sure I wouldn't buy them but at least I wore them before!), Morrissey, Miu miu, Guess, Marcs Jacob bla bla...Funny enough I know I love MJ, when I wore one of their sunnies, they looked like a pair of goggles that people use for snorkelling. Some others looked oddly big on my face. No surprise there. Asian like me (who face value is small) do find it challenging and oh-so-bad-I-can't-wear-those-gorgeous-glasses as they would block, like I don't know, maybe one-third of my pretty face? And another thing is often we don't have the bridge like ang-mohs. No bridge no glasses darling. Btw, Edmund said that it had the Paris-Hilton look. Slutty eh?

On my way out of Myer I called JK and sms-ed Winnie for I had sinned...with great pleasure I might add. So dinna was bread + some barley. My wallet was already in ICU with the haircut, aussiebum undies, hair wax ($32!!!) and the glasses. It's Lygon for lunch with Sherly, Dennis (just came back from Sydney) and Cheryl today. Coming up tomorrow I might go to Let Them Eat Cake to let myself eat some cake. Yum yum.

The LCD on my computer has associated itself with the rainbow I think. Thin lines have been forming since May and the rate of them manifesting themselves in the past week was alerting! Technician said that it could be the video card (which would be costly) or the connection to the LCD. I hope it can make it till I go back to Malaysia at the end of year. This is how a line comes on to display - you start to see a line blinking, just like when you are switching on a pendaflour lamp where it'd blink for a few second before it'd lit. - this is exactly how the lines are telling me hey I am gonna be here, look at me coming on to your screen. Damn it. Let me tell you, with every extra line (luckily not on my face), my BP just keeps rising.

{Damn it - this is supposed to be a pic of my lappy's monitor. Oh well. Sorry the posting hasn't worked. Tried 6 times in vain. I give up as at 1803} - updated

It's amazing what shopping and talking to me Mom could do for me. The synergy (I have never learned how to use this word correctly even though it's always used in most companies' resolution or somethin') was great.

Now it leaves me around 70 minutes to get cracking at the multiple decrement tables before I head off to Lygon Street.

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