Sunday, November 12, 2006

i'm not that innocent (read: virgin)

Oh yea~ Omg! was exactly my reaction followed by boi boi. I didn't think that Dean had gone so far and bare in the show biz. Flipping through tabloid mags on a Friday afternoon while having a not-so-nice choc muffin at Border-slash-Gloria-Jeans, I was quite surprised to see another series of pics of Dean n-e-k-k-i-d.
Is this some publicity stunt that he had to pull since his singing sucks compared to powerhouse Jessica and falsetto-king Damien? Well it's just a little hard for me to believe that he's playing the virgin card again. Guy Sebastian, I could accept (looking at his face) but Dean still a virgin? Gimme a break. Well I'm not generalising such as exotic dancers can't be virgin (excluding prolly the minute they start working?), but you know wot I'm saying?

(can't helping snapping this pic off the mag while I continued on my glorious gossiping journey)

Gosh... She's so large. Can someone please do something about her? Gastric bypass, lipo suck-suck or any of the Olsen's/Lindsay's/Paris'/Nicole Richie's diet (read: drug)? How can this be happiness? Sometimes I don't get it - how can one be happy with oneself when one is so heavily unhealthy? Oh I got it - health isn't one of their happy pills. But as the saying goes, as long as they are happy...MMOB.

That's the post for the day bois & gurls... Looking at the weather I don't think I'll be going to Bridge Rd or Chapel St for shopping (me = sob sob; wallet = victorious). Studying? It' hasn't come to that desperado yet. Ciao!

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