Monday, November 20, 2006

blog blocked

I haven't been able to post anything for more than a week now. Yes I guess I am probably sitting on a trough waiting to resurface.

I have been a good and bored boy staying at home for the past 2 days. Mainly because I was kinda feeling a bit sick on Sunday. But eventually I fought it off. And today, I didn't dare exposing my shiseido-pampered skin to the #1 natural aging agent - UV index as high as 11!!

So I decided to scrub/clean some window blinds. Gosh how many thin layers are there!! My hands soon threw in the white towel after 2 10-foot sets of blinds. And there are still 5 more sets to go! My hands are now screaming for some SK-II desperately.

We had a birthday dinna with the birthday gurl Winnie at The Lynch on Friday. The food was great. Actually only the entree. I didn't like my fish-&-chips. It was a tad oily. However the entree calamari was superb. The surrounding was nice with Victorian wallpaper (normally not my thing if the printing was fiercely large and blackish) and French drawings.

Not getting as many hours of work as I'd like to finance myself for the Sydney tour. So I guess I have to stay at home more or look for some free meals then. Hehe.. My bro picked up a RM50 at the road side a couple of days ago. Mom always says that we are no good at picking up money on the street. Not as good as she is. She even picked up RM100 sometimes. I want nothing more than a open cheque signed by Richard Branson. That's a thought before I haul my ass up to clean some window blinds.

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