Sunday, November 12, 2006

Acrobats on the Southbank

Fasten your seat belt because we are going to take off...

our clothes!!

And there you go...pants off mista!!

Assume position (plz don't read between the V-line)

And up we go! (wot would you be thinking?)

Started today at about 8am...Of course with the usual toast and Milo in front of the TV. And then I got back to my room and wrote in the cards for bro and Dad. Initially I didn't wanna go out as the weather forecast predicted thuderstorm. Oh wth - I am sitting at home doing nothing. So I went out to get to Bridge Rd as planned. Despite the gloomy overcast in the CBD it was hot in Richmond! I couldn't stop as I was sweating. Surprisingly the CBD was much cooler than Richmond.

So I got back to the city. On Flinders St as the tram was passing Fed Sq, I saw a bunch of ppl. It looked like some sort of exhibition. Exhibition? That's my thing! It was a pottery exhibition. I saw some pottery horses which were the most prominent ones there, as I can still remember how they looked.

Feeling like my artistic cells were still hungry for more, I crossed the Yarra River to get to Southbank's SundayArt Market. Saw something that I really like. I think I'll buy them next time. They were some miniature clay-made fairies and mermaid which can be hang at branches in vases. I think the lanterns at home can go already.

And there I saw those acrobatic guys pulling their stunt tricks. I had seen them a year before and they were still wearing the good old Union Jack boxer briefs! Haha.. So I just took a few pics and left (without being generous, if you know wot I mean).

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