Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ultimately I'd have bought you

To prevent loss of some loyal readers (not that I have many), I better post as much gossip/update about myself and others as frequently as possible! =P

Woke up surprisingly early today - despite I had finished exam yesterday. I think it's because I didn't dread waking up only to study or to go to work or exam. It was good despite I basically had nothing to do but wandering around the apartment, rotating among the kitchen, living room, kitchen again, bedroom, computer, bathroom and kitchen again. Then I sat my butt down and did some picture editing and continued making a card which I had started before the exam. I am not going to post a picture of it here. Just so you know...

Soon I remembered my vow to clean the apartment...Changing into shorts I shifted the chairs around and some throws, and the vacuum machine roamed to life and boi did we suck the whole universe from hair to toe nails =D and everything in between. Felt so good after a good old cleaning of the apartment. I think I hadn't cleaned it for 2 weeks in a row. Yucky I know.. (",)

Initially I didn't wanna go out for some shopping but then the weather witch wasn't going to honours the weather forecast so it wasn't gonna get sunny as promised. First stop Borders - I did bring my 30% discount voucher with me with M:I:III and X-Men III in mind. But I decided against it because they were not that urgent in my currently tight wallet. Needed to save for some birthdays - which is where I spent the money for, at Bayswiss. Bayswiss is a furniture-slash-decorative shop I really like. They have the best coffee scented candles which are so not expensive (but everything else is!!).

I shan't elaborate more for what was the money spent on simply because I don't wanna put ideas in people's minds. U know. Boi did I find the very very nice coasters with giraffe-skin-pattern-like prints. Love 'em! There was also another set with broken glasses twirled in circle with stainless stell. Unfortunately there was only 1 set left and the steel looked scratched. So I didn't get that one. (Oops can't upload the pic in the same post, stupid blogger - always like that)

Aha - I guess the best bargain I got today was the Kylie Minogue CD which was only $18.82 for 2 CDs and a DVD!!!! Impressed? I wanted to also buy MoS's Classic but then I shouldn't because even Kylie wasn't on my shopping list! Actually all the stuff I bought earlier weren't on the list too! However they were inevitable? Because I venture off to ramble about my budget and spending, let's focus on saving! Back to Kylie, when her Ultimate Kylie came out last year i didn't buy it as I thought, u know, I already have many of her now songs. I just didn't have her earlier songs. And now 2 CDs and a DVD of her MVs!!! That's really a bargain. Big W does really deliver its words. Good on ya.

So yea that's about wot happened for the stretch of the day so far. Am not gonna elaborate on buying 4 oranges and a packet of brown sugar (but now you've already known now!) at Safeway. Muahaha before I left QV, I skipped, scratch that, more liked limped, into Officeworks to get some DVD-Rs to burn Will and Grace seaons 3 & 4. I am hearing Sherly's "Yay". Hahaa

Looking forward to tonight's dinna at MaBrown with the quils!!! Yum yum...I so hope to go there again with EMA.

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