Monday, November 27, 2006

No wonder they go "MO"

It's Movember!!! I was a little disgusted when I found David from the breakfast show on Channel 10 a couple of weeks ago. He looked like one of those army generals in ancient chinese war epics! As his eye brows are already supporting channel [V] and now his moustache too becoming an inverted V...

But it's all for a good cause as this november business of growing moustache and beard is to raise awareness on men health issues. Prostate anyone? The most remarkable illness that still discriminate on a sexual basis. And depressed men are on the rise too. Ahem, don't be shy people, the nucking futs need to be checked from time to time too.

If I had known earlier then I wouldn't have to shave for the whole month? Neah, I wouldn't!!

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