Saturday, November 11, 2006

Supersize me!

Waking up to Robbie Williams's Angel & The Young Divas' This Time I Know It's for Real felt good this morning. Thanks to them I am blogging on a Saturday morn.

Despite being ill-treated at the market last week, I totally got my revenge yesterday. I developed 42 pictures at some pharmarcy. After I passed the stack of pictures to the cashier, I reached for my wallet and pulled out a $100 note.

Cashier: OK so it's $1.20.
Me: (looked a her as if she's speaking spanish)
Cashier: (looking at my $100) Do you have something smaller?
Me: (rolling my eyes, huh something smaller? Oh oh she must really mean that the pics are only $1.20. Something tells me I better have some small change in my wallet/pocket before she discovers that she's making a sale of no return. So I looked again into the wallet and woo-hoo there's a $5 note. With a little shaking hand I handed her the note)
Cashier: This is the change.
Me: (turning away)
Cashier: Do you want a receipt? (handling me one)
Me: (receipt? Oh come on as if I needed another 2 second for her to realise that she might have to fork out $11.40 from her own purse) Yea sure!

With that I sped off the shop with a Ha!-I've-saved-some-money look on my angelic/boyish face. Will I do the same thing again? In a heart beat! =P

Some sms-es from my friends after hearing of what happened:

Cheryl: Jealous! >.< (well she had told me she wanted to develop pics too!)

Winnie: What? Anyone with a bit of common sense would realise that it costs more than that! Haha. Anyway, maybe it's just your lucky day (cos of me my bday) haha

Dennis: Ha.. It Really Depends How You Look At It! Ha...

Angelene: Evil u! She nv study maths b4? I'm going xxxx (another story)

Oh yea...Did I forget to tell you that I am the wolf under the red hood?

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