Thursday, November 30, 2006

If you wanna wear low-ride pants...

Please buy a pair of proper and corresponding underpants!!!

I went for a work meeting yesterday. So everyone was seated waiting for everyone else to arrive. Not too long after 4.30pm, a-girl-we'll-just-call-her-S came in. I was a bit shocked initially. It was as if she had just gone for a dinna function or a party. That make-up on her face... was just too drag-queen-ish. My manager wasn't even half as close, not to mention other female colleagues.

But that wasn't the worst. Let me just visualise her for you. She was wearing some black/brown top with a half-jacket. That's fine. It was a disaster for the below-waist portion. When you scrutinise her top-down, well she was begging for it with her outfit and make-up, after the ab you start to see her black/brown top changing colour starkly into white panties!!!!!

OMG - were those nanna panties? Panties with patterns some more!! High above the waist. With P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S, almost child-like panties. White panties with cartoons!? OMG...That's as bad as grown men wearing printed silk boxers, and not at a costume party.

I think everyone saw her wardrobe disfuction but could anyone have said anything to such a situation? I guess not. It's almost OK for me to see guys wearing undies with their pants hanging off their asses. But S is a girl and the waistband of the undies was a few inches above her waist!!

Therefore I always always invest in undies. U know wot they say, it's not only the outside that counts, the inside does too! If not more so...

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