Saturday, December 02, 2006

Men's BFF

They are so cute!!! I miss my dogs at home!! I saw a puppy playing by itself while walking home from work last Mon. It was at a park. There was an Asian and supposedly-should-be-getting-a-room couple making out on the bench at 4 in the afternoon. I think that puppy belonged to them. I was carrying my man-bag that time and I guess it was big enough to do an ocean-11 job. I looked at the dog and waved at him/her. Then I made those sounds to entice him "tschuk tschuk tschuk", signaling him/her to follow me. And s/he did!!! S/he followed me for a meter or so and I think the couple just didn't wot was going on except the activity in their mouths. I was so tempted to just grab the puppy and run home. The way s/he ran just made me wanna cuddle him/her and play with him/her.
Awww...Only if I had a bolder lion heart.

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