Tuesday, December 05, 2006

same but so different

Something terrible happened in Malaysia a few days ago. Gambler parents, who were in so much debt, killed their 3 boys by feeding them with bleach and cooking gas (reports here, here, and here), as the loan sharks threathened to take further actions against the family. Young innocent children of ages 8, 10 & 12, killed by own parents. How will the parents live after that? I am pained by such tragedy, such inhuman thing.

Similar thing happened to a young American girl who got pregnant when she was 16. Her family didn't know about her pregnancy at all, even after she gave birth to a still-born (she claimed) at home. Carrying the baby from the toilet to her room, she passed out due to massive blood loss. When she came to, she realised that she'd been lying on top of her baby. She then nailed the coffin by stabbing the baby with a knife.

And on Oprah today, an African girl from Sierra Leano was adopted by a Sierra Leano couple in the US 6 years ago. She doesn't have a hand. When she was back in Sierra Leano, a country which has constantly been in civil wars. When Damba was 5 years old, her tiny village was attacked by rebels. During the chaos, two men raped Damba and chopped off her hand. Damba's mother, Fina, pleaded for them to let her daughter go. In response, the rebels forced Fina to the ground and chopped off her hand, too. She then carried her daughter on her back, walking for 3 days to get to a hospital. The daughter hadn't seen her Mom until today, after being adopted. When they met I just broke down. (A Mother's Love, here)

I really don't know wot to make of my messy emotions right now. I think I just wanna thank my parents for bringing me up the way they did. 虎毒不食儿 (even a tigeress, which is supposedly cruel/carnivorous, doesn't eat her own cubs) - and there are parents who kill their own children.

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