Friday, April 14, 2006

Whoever is behind the DNA - reveal yourself

alf is a cautious creator.

I guess the name of a cautious creator says it all. I am a gemini. I guess both sense and sensibility of mine are in a balanced mix. But is that harder? I have 2 sides. Now I think about it - I sometimes do struggle from split (not personality) minds. Or does everybody? I find myself doing things that might be of double standards? I like peace when it's chaotic and I like chaos when it's peaceful.

I try to be creative in ways of living life. At the same time I try to find some predictability and familiarity in life. Recent observation - I couldn't get myself to follow the weekly schedule and hence suffered from feeling like a loser. Being a 乖仔 for so long, my bad-boi side is rambling and toying with my mind.

All and all, it's good to let the test reveal a part of me that I didn't already know about myself. Just put it in the way that - I have still got some left in the tank to be figured out.

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