Friday, April 21, 2006

the western MAMAs v the EASTERN mamaS

Just a quickie before I go to uni today, in response to our newly borns, Suri Holmes-Cruise.

Do y'all know that there have been 3 famous pregnant ladies (from showbiz o'course) in each side of the globe? Enter eastern mamas: 吴君如、陶晶莹 & 王菲 and western mamas: Gywneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes andAngelina Jolie. So far the score has been 1:2.

We have our Moses and Suri from the west. 吴君如 has also given an early birth to a still-unnamed baby girl. So the final battle is that if 陶晶莹 and 王菲 can pull it off (read: push it out) before the still-flying-helicopter-and-giving-birth-in-Africa Angelina Jolie. =]

And the names: Moses and Suri? Not so good... Apple was good, damn original! Moses keeps remind me of MOLES; Suri - surirumah tangga (housewife in Malay).

This entry turned out to be less funny and sarcastic that I thought it would be, so out I am!

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