Thursday, April 13, 2006

beauty in the eye of beholder

Swee San and I were in the same train to Uni yesterday. We had the window seats with 2 more seats next to each of us. Before the train left for Pakenham, a chinese lady and a chinese guy came in and sat to the next to us, with an empty seat between each of San and I (Hopefully I haven't confused you with the seating plan).

And the feast began. She proudly took out a pie, wrapped in a paper bag. She tore open the bag and placed it on the seat in between us. Happily she just chew it away with a fork. The smell just made me frown! It's very uncomfortable having people to eat in a confined space. Especially food with strong smell. Even the fruit smelled. The rockmelon especially. I hope the seat wasn't soaking wet because of the pie. Worse, if people around her smelled of pie!!!

Lucky me and the Chinese guy, who had been seeting opposite her, pretending to be asleep - our stop had arrived at Caufield and off we went. Poor Swee San. She later told me that after we left, she unshamefully undid her shoes and put her legs on the seats. Walao! Feeling homely wasn't she? I'd faint on the spot. That is a gesture I'd expect to see in China. I hope people realise that while you try to practice your culture while in a foreign land, sometimes we have to do as the French while in France. Particularly putting legs on seats. (Guilt-struck ªƒ: Dad used to forbid me to even do that at home. Now I know that he was putting money into my pocket.)

That was not the end, yet. Swee San was in the same train and same coach with the-pie-eating-and-feeling-homely-everywhere lady on her way back to the city. That's some pretty good chances.

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