Saturday, April 08, 2006


Awwww I am lusting after a pair of boots. There's a 25% sale on almost everything at Myer. I shouldn't have gone to the sinful place. Are shoes ever too much? I haven't had a pair of boots before. I am not as crazy as some people I know - where their shoes collections are just collecting dust as their owners only have 2 feet everyday? But will a sneaker boi turn up a notch and become a sneaker-but-occassionaly-boots boi?

The desire came from when I stared going to interviews and training in the past 3 weeks. I find myself liking the click-clock made when the shoes make contact with the surface. Also I saw a man wearing a pair of crocodile-leather boots. That totally ignited the fire.

Or shall I wait till the mid-year sale? I hope I don't go online browsing for more boots. Desire is the evil thing clouding my decision making. Actually the evil is me lah..


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