Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jap me up

Crawled my way up from bed this morning. I felt that I was getting better at it. Had a look at myself in the mirror. Ummm, I remember the reason I woke up this morning. Right right, to chop off that ugly bush that was sprawling uncontrollably.

Had a bit of a struggle choosing today's outfit for the haircut and marketing. Yea I get fussy when it comes to vanity. But it's not too terrible I hope? 10 mins should be quite reasonable? Well, sometimes more but who's counting!

Let me turn the clock back a bit. I was on the phone with someone from Millenium Lifestyle to schedule my appointment. I was asked who would I want to do my hair. I told her, I could use anyone. Before we hung up, I asked her who would my hair dresser be then. She replied, "YOU DONT". "Wot? What do you mean by 'YOU DON'T'?". "Yea, YOU DON'T". More dumb-founded I became. And then at a split of a second, I realised that it was a name. A Jap name probably. Why would I guess that? I kinda saw the YOU-DON'T guy at the saloon in the afternoon when I was trying to see if there's any empty slot that I could squeeze in for a hair cut. He looked kinda new. For as long as I had gone to Millenium, there hadn't been any Asian male hair dresser.

So I met my YOU DON'T guy today. He was cute. I like the way he makes his hair, which I then told him that I would want him to dye my hair on my next appointment. Funny enough when I asked him if he was Japanese, he asked me if I was one! My eyes widened and blurted "Huh? Jap am I?". During the cutting/chopping/trimming process, I found that I looked more Jappie - it was more like, you know, I saw the same hair style on a male Jap model before.

The thing that I admire about him is that he understands the problem that I have with my hair. I have a bush of hair that is strong (read: stubborn) and it grows fast (read: more trips to the saloon). He understands that it's hard to style it, which I told myself, "Finally someone really got it". And when it grows, due to my funny shape of head, which I was once told that the top of my head was as flat as a table top, the sides will stick out like many sore thumbs. And he just took those "corners" off of my head. Yee-haa!

He just pointed out those observations quite quickly, in a very understanding manner, which impressed me. Finally, finally someone knew me (or my hair)! A female hair dresser wouldn't know my problem. A causasian male hair dresser wouldn't too coz his hair is soft and curly. Worse if you get a balding hair dresser. I can't possibly tell him I have got too much hair can I now? He would just pull out every hair follicle on my head.

As YOU-DON'T was finishing with the touch-up, I told him if I woke up 10 minutes earlier every morning then I would have time to properly do it like he did - blow-dry and curle it a bit. And he said, "Oh you definitely have to wake up earlier, because you have hair! If you don't then you don't have to wake up earlier." I was totally blown away with his wittiness. Good point taken. OK, I am definitely going back for him to dye my hair.

At the counter, when he was stamping my stamp-collecting card, he wrote his name down on it. It reads "Yu dai".

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