Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Long, Old but PERSISTENT Record

I guess all non-bumiputra (i.e. aborigine) Malaysian grow up in a racist and religionist environment. I'd attribute that to the greed of the politicians and ignorance of the people. I do think that it's the advantage used to the benefits of all politicians over the world. Transform others' weaknesses into one's power of duress.

This link will bring you to a list of statistical estimations of how racist/religionist is the Malaysian government.

The one thing that I can relate to, and feel very strongly about - one of the incidence from the list that is applicable to my family. My cousin and my aunt were borned in China. They have come to Malaysia for 40+ years now? I think my aunt is still holding a red Identity Card (IC) while my cousin got hers after 20 years. A red IC differentiates a Malaysian's citizenship status. The normal non-Bumi with a blue IC is already treated like 2nd-class citizens. The red is just worse.

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