Sunday, April 23, 2006

Exactly my point


Have been wanting to say something like this after reading that Tony Leung was going to be a cop again, in his next up-coming movie. And all HK movies are nothing but about mafia and cops. that all the HK script writers think about? And is that all the movie-goers wanna see? Infernal Affairs came in 3 instalments. Shocking really. I couldn't be bothered to find out which was the one I had watched. Even comedies revolve around mafia.


Winnie Wong said...

While that is true, it's not entirely correct. I suppose there's still scripts surrounding love stories?

But in any case, I do think that there's loads of room for improvement in the HK movie industry - which is another reason why I don't watch HK movies (unless if it's highly recommended - and half the time I'm still disappointed)

elle said...

Not only mafia and cops, u should add "KUNG FU" inside of it....=D


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