Sunday, April 30, 2006

OMFG - jaw-dropping results

These are the several favourite contestants of mine. I am so proud of them. Having been overweight myself allows me to draw onto their experience and feel what they feel. I am very proud of them. Losing weight isn't just about losing fat and looking good - it's about CHANGING YOUR LIFE TO A BETTER ONE and LOVING YOURSELF.
Adro (Winna)
Age: 26
Height: 174cm
Start weight: 137kg
Current weight: 85kg
Target weight: 97kg

Kristie (my FAV)

Age: 32

Height: 164cm

Start weight: 105kg

Current weight: 66kg

Target weight: 65kg

Harry (Proud Dad of 2 Proud Sons)

Age: 35

Height: 190cm

Start weight: 179kg

Current weight: 112kg

Target weight: 139kg

Fiona (from whiner to winner)

Age: 22

Height: 175cm

Start weight: 101kg

Current weight: 71kg

Target weight: 66kg

Shane (shame no more; love more more)

Age: 38

Height: 170cm

Start weight: 154kg

Current weight: 100kg

Target weight: 104kg

Wal (has crumbled)

Age: 42

Height: 196cm

Start weight: 177kg

Current weight: 110kg

Target weight: 107kg

Kristie said that she would want her children to learn by example. I really thank my parents on that. In the past few months, I have begun to realise if I listened to them more, I would be alright in life. Really, for instance, my parents, I think far more than any other parents, literally force the idea of healthy living into our young brains since I can remember! I am so thankful I have you guys to be my northern star (even though I dismiss whatever you say at times, I usually do take your advice on board and change accordingly).


Winnie Wong said...

Is this for real?!!!!

Alfred said...

You mean the show itself? Yea it's for real!!!


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