Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My First Earned AUD

Today marked my first time getting paid in AUD!! And it was done easily - just have to sit in a boardroom in Langham Hotel at South Gate and you get to order room service - and on top of that YOU BLOODY GET PAID!!!

This is absolutely gorgeous. However, nothing comes free - I am afraid the expectation is challengingly high as well.

It was kinda funny at the start. I arrived early and thanks for that. I went up straight but couldn't find the room on the 10th floor (as I was directed by Mary, our Regional Manager). So I went down again and ask the bell girl - again I went up and down in vain. The thing is that I shouldn't be able to access the floors that I went to but thanks to a few hotel guests - their keys let me access those floor when they were scanned.

Last resort, afraid that I was going to be late - I went to the reception. And guess what? They sent a security to ESCORT me up there. Hahaha...

Btw I was grilled, fried and put on the table (摆上台) during the training as well... Sweating, blushing, muttering were all I did...Lousy..Good experience though. I at least learned some new problem solving skills (see later post maybe).

It was a good day today. And I shall now get back to my Business Law tutorials. Not very looking forward to Wednesday - 10am to 6pm, which I am pretty sure I'll fall asleep in the last 3 hours no fail.

Just one last point that I have to bring up is that sometimes I feel like sleeping my way through to Cranbourne or Pakenham or Frankston while taking a train to uni. This is highly possible to happen tomorrow coz the first 3 hours of lecture are going to be hypnotizing. I understand how you felt Foo Ee Lin (Happy Birthday btw)!

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