Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just when I tot BB06 sucked...

Hmmm I just came up with another interpretation of the BB06 representation. The '0' in BB06 is a love sign - got it yet? BB 'love' si(ck)?

And the rainbow thing - people had speculated that the world first would be the world first wholly homo BB housemate, which turned out to be untrue on the launch night. With the as old as time tales like world's first mother-daughther relationship (which deemed to be untrue coz there had been a father-son relationship in the Italian BB, unless you argue on the sex), fines, FNL and reward room, I tot I had lost interest in BB<36.>

All the bimbos and himbos in the house just irritates me. A particular male blonde with small wotever was totally brainless. He addressed BB as the older male sibling just 1 sec after he was specifically asked not to; he cursed just 1 sec after he was told; and these 2 events took place in no longer than 10 secs apart. How dumb can this blonde be? Even Christy (last year's big-boobed-blonde) was smarter, well, by not much. Each of the fine costs them $5,000.

From one of the forums on the BB website, this is bound to be another twist BB has under his sleeve if true. I am back on the BB train once again to see how things turn out.

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f eelin gs said...

does that mean I am missing out something?
keep me updated!


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