Monday, April 10, 2006


Quoting Oprah - when u open ur heart & willing to give to others, it will eventually come back to u.

I haven't physically got anything back from tutoring those kids at the community center. Nonetheless I am feeling good about it. Helping someone who is in need. And while I can give I better do!

I know I've always enjoyed teaching. My dad told me that too. He always thinks that teaching suits me (abundant space for debate?) due to me 'gentle' nature. Bet my siblings don't agree to that because of the yelling and screaming that have come from me. LOL. But thanks to the experience teaching my youngest brother every time I get home, I find those kids at the center not that hard to handle afterall.

And funny enough I find myself challenged all the time due to the materials, which I haven't touched for years! Like today valency configuration of electrons. Differentiation of trigonometry. Prepositions. Quadratic applications. I'd say I have done well, at least I don't think I misled them.


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