Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival (updated)

Let's get laughing babe!

Those that I am interested in:

The Lion, the Bitch and the Closet {update: It's really good and funny - especially the Closet and the Bitch. Love 'em. Thanks for the company Winnie..Too bad you missed out Sherly. I really thought you could use some laugh that's why I bought you the ticket. Oh I would love to go to more!!!}

Osama Bin Laden And The Tooth Fairy (not sure if I am gonna watch this but the name is surely comedian enough!)

My Brother And I Are Porn Stars (R18. Contains Nudity, violence and Christian porn) {update: crap show. Don't go even if the tickets are free. Waste of time really. The most important thing in theatre that always fails to be shown - plausible story line. Sorry Sherly, you watched something with such nothingness in it.}

Be My (Kent) Valentine

Bombay to Beijing by Bicycle

Fangs and Fetish (this is pricy)

Btw for those who are interested if you watch it on Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 April you will pay less than the full price. Student concession applicable.

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