Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Confessions of a shopaholic

Mind split into two while on the train coming back to the city. To buy or not to buy. Something popped up. Winnie suggested that I should go to Sydney while she was there. Actually that was a very good offer indeed. What is better is that she reminded me that I had actually planned to go to New Zealand in the semester break or later in the year.

The decision was quite clear now. I ended up buying no boots but polish kit (HA-HA). Actually there wasn't any boots that I liked and could afford. There was a pair which was $600. To comfort myself I bought some very nice New Zealand Ice-cream (after long deprivation). See - the sign was already lurking around...NZNZNZNZNZ...

Just another lust that I had - I think I'll surely spend a lot of money on ties/undies when I start working (OK, I understand that the undies are not directly related to working). The ties/undies here are so fabulously HAWT. I could barely keep myself from "exploiting" them. Luckily NZ (or Sydney) kept me sane. It was a bit disappointing because I had wanted to buy a tie which I loved. But too bad I was one step too late and couldn't find it anymore. Even the sample that was on the model was gone.

Just another day of self-realisation and self-control, all for the greater good (i.e. spend more later?).

p/s: whoever is interested in going together please let me know.


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