Monday, May 29, 2006

Lost and couldn't be found

so sad...i lost my long-serving mechanical pencil!!!! I need to mourn over it...

i need a miracle for it to be revived.


Winnie Wong said...

Hmmmm, do you use the same mech pencil as Eelin and I do?

I reckon that's the best one because I'm a person who writes very hard and all mech pencils fail on me except that one.

You can get it from Melb Uni bookstore (only? or leading stationary stores, but defn not newsagent or supermarkets...dunno why)

Alfred said...

LOL...i dunno how hard i write. I got 2 new similar ones - shocking pink and purple, all the very madonna-feel.

the model is PILOT super grip 0.5.

sigh - it's like the loss of a long-term partner, which had stayed with me through so many battles.


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