Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Glad I did it

Hmmm, nice I went out for half a jog and half a walk this afternoon. Seizing the opportunity of a sunny day, there's only so much wetness and coldness a boi can take =P.

It was a good workout. Nice Carlton Garden, always tranquil in the midst of roaring and bustling engines.

Eelin, I saw the bridge!! I hadn't known its existence before you took the picture. Even so, I only knew that it was somewhere in the garden but never knew that it was where it was!!


Winnie Wong said...

Hey that's a nice pic - reminds me of some Chinese garden. Where is it exactly in Carl Gardens? I didn't know there was one......hmmm....

Alfred said...

It's actually at the RHS pond, if u walk from my apartment towards the REB.


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