Friday, May 05, 2006

Doggie incident

Last night - I was in the lift with 2 other persons - a mother and a daughter I presumed. I saw a box-like thing behind them and I couldn't be bothered. The lift reached the 3rd floor and out I went. When I was opening the door, I got the shock of my life when I heard a dog bark. I was really shocked and for one moment I thought there was a monster behind me. I felt the hair on my back stand. And my heart just pumped so hard it knocked my rib cage.

Turning around there was a small-size dog barking furiously at me. Even though I am a dog person, getting barked by an unknown dog behind my back wasn't the most soothing thing to happen to someone. I was really pissed and embarrassed (well usually I'd have already screamed). I wanted to scold the dog owners badly. Damn...Vincent finally stopped as his masters summoned him back to the lift.

I know that dog. They should be living in apartment 61. I remember going past the apartment before and the dog just barks like mad. Oh, would be good if I could ask my Hazel, Almond and Koko to just stare at him - his tiny body shivers...I felt like kicking the dog man! Let it hit the wall.

This afternoon - I had another doggie incident, not directly hit by it I'd say, when I was already wet because of the pouring rain and small umbrella =P. I was going down the escalator, trying to catch a train to go back to Uni to hand in my assignment. Since the train was going to arrive in less than 1 min, I thought I should get into the fast lane of the escalator (you know where ppl rush down/up an escalator on the right side of it?). When I was nearing the floor, I was stopped because there were, I think, 3 people in front of me.

Normally I would have excused myself so that I could get past them and get to the platform. But somehow I didn't, maybe because I was almost there already. Suddenly a dog barked. I saw a Rottweiler kinda dog barking and hopping frantically in front. OMFG!!! I was terrified for myself, even though I shouldn't be because I wasn't the frontest person. The dog just kept barking and hopping around and it simply looked menacing!

The owner, just didn't care! I didn't hear "Shooosh, xxx!" or "Hey, shut up!". There were a couple of Connex employees at the vendor machine and they asked the owner to put the dog in a leash next time. Next time? Oh god, should he and the dog be stopped from going onto the train? I really think I should complain. The owner said something to rebut them - showing his disagreement and dissatisfaction being told off by someone.

Holy GOD/DOG!!! I'd really panic should any of the dog attack me. Especially the Rottweiler kinda dog. How could a person with an unleashed dog be allowed on a public transport!? Not to mention there were several ticket checkers at the ticketing machines. Were they blind?! Did they have no common sense whatsoever to stop the dog owner? Shocking...

And I am still recovering from the shock...And I just made a complain, reference number 21569.

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