Saturday, May 27, 2006

ReXiew (Don't read if you haven't watched the X-Men: The Last Stand)

I've fulfilled the anticipation that had built up since year 2000. The X-Men trilogy has completed tonight, for me.

I was very excited about the third and last instalment The Last Stand. I had watched the preview trailer every single day. I had also been reading others' blog and thanks to that - I got to sit through the credit rolling and saw how would the next X-MEN movie be (is there EVER gonna be one?). There will be many possibilities. Spin-off for wolverine is already on the way with script writers asked to come up with stories.

Reconciliating my feelings and emotions for the film tonight. The first shock came when my Cyclops was killed!!! And you know, followed by Professor Xavier and in the end Jean Grey! It was devastating for me. Cylops and Jean are my most most most favourite characters of all the X-Men. Her power and their love - transcending and inter-galactic and inter-timelines.

I guess most fans would be satisfied - I was mesmerised by the CGs and shocked by the story line, not less than the sheer strength Magneto exhibited when he totally lifted the Golden Gate Bridge (were they at San Fran? Oh yea that's where Alcatraz Prison is; I learned that from Charmed). Jean's split personality Phoenix surfacing menacingly after being rescued by Cyclops, only to be killed by her. Ironic isn't it, she was killed by another man who loved her, in the end. I think having something you have no control over - could be a curse.

Ororo was showing off a couple of times too with her spinning. Somehow I have always not been satisfied by the portrayal of Storm's powers. As if she's baking cake she had to warm the oven, seemingly. I don't understand why couldn't she just call a bolt of thunder at her fingertips. She should be able to do that. This, of all the differences from the original comic, is the one thing that I cannot tolerate. She's supposed to be the Goddess of the weather. With the time taken to do the eye-rolling and the arms-raising, just send a fucking lightning bolt to fry Callisto's sorry ass (and stud)!!!

Glad to see Kitty Pryde in action. She was the cute young one (who scorned Juggernaut with dickhead) with her phasing-through-solid-matter power. Not much of Collosus though - the Russian steelman. The fight between Iceman and Pyro was a good one. Rogue gave in to the cure thinking that she was off the hook. Imagining when her X-gene gets de-suppressed while she's being intimate with Bobby (Iceman)...He's gonna have a helluva good time!!

Luckily the Beast was made into quite an animal, the movements I mean. I was hoping that he would move like how he should in the comic. I can only attribute Angel's appearance to the cure, and according to some blogger, sex appeal. The only thread is his father being the scientist who invented the so-called cure. Anyway, I am not very fond of Angel.

Moving on to the bad guys. Magneto, as I mentioned above, was magnificient up till the very end, before he regretting telling Wolverine that he never learned his lessons. He's actually quite a real-life portrayal of some public figures, present and past. Some political leaders go to great extent, sacrificing their own kinds (by that I mean all HUMAN), just to get more power.

Even though there were many bad guys, I don't find them worth mentioning. Except perhaps, Mystique. She must be very happy when she finds out she can turn blue, or in that matter, into anyone, again.

It's quite safe to say that Wolverine's spin-off is on the way but how will they structure the story I have no idea. How about bringing out her Japanese gf? Maybe...

So now with all the spoilers out... In short, I am on a bitter sweet plane now. I won't know how will the movie be if it was directed by Bryan Singer. Perhaps for completeness' sake he should have done the job. Brett Ratner balanced the dramatic effects and morale of the story (i.e. you can't deny who you are; it's not a disease) pretty well. He has also slipped on possibilities for future X-Men projects. Storyline wise there's nothing much to say about - it's a 90-minute movie, I am not demanding anything more. They did blend in the Dark-Phoenix saga line, to say the slightest.

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I'll end the post with my homosapien SUPERIOR.

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