Friday, May 12, 2006


Oh gosh I should be so lucky.

I came back from the gym and put 2 eggs into a pot with boiling water. Then I went back to my room to study.

Ya ya ya...

I totally forgot about it!!! When my sister came out of her shower she asked if I was cooking salted fish. Then I loudly said NO. Then she screamed that something was burning. I was shocked!! I couldn't even recall that I was cooking something on the stove when she yelled.

When I went out to the kitchen I went "FUCK!!". Swee San said, "You nearly cost $2000 for that". Turning around the apartment was smoky already!

Phew.... Oh gosh. I used to critisize people for leaving their cooking on the stove. It's my turn now. Talking about probability - now I believe in it more. Yucks...the apartment smells like a burnt toast now.

Lost 2 eggs and the lid of the pot. I should be made writing "I'll not do that again" for a million times.


elle said...

hey i did the same thing like u last time. The diff is I left them coz i went to the church. When i came back, the eggs already exploded til they reached the kitchen ceiling...hahahahaha....that's why my hostel mates called me the exploded eggs!

Alfred said...

Awww sweetie.. LOL... great minds act alike!! Touch wood!

U reminded me - yea, the eggs exploded a bit, but not as high as the ceiling - they went onto the walls and the floor as well..

The glass lid cracked so bad..had to throw it away. For the 1st couple of hours or so i was actually scared to step back into the kitchen..


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