Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bits and pieces of an uneventful day

Hmmmm had a hair cut and highlighted my hair today...I really loved Yu Dai, I meant his skills =P. The several suckers at dinna complimented it so I guess he did fantastic then.

Have always wanted auburn on my hair ever since I saw the colour on Dennis' hair last year. It's not too bright - I've always disliked brightly dyed hair on Asian as they look grassy and dry, so dry. Can I appoint Yu Dai as my official hair stylist now? Btw, for people who want to get serviced by him, go to Millenium Lifestyle @ Melbourne Central, phone number 9639 1335.

My pay at the Health Service today was totally gone to the hair cut + colour. And I had actually had to pull more from own pocket 0. But it was worth it.

Also went to Melbourne Uni today to return a book. Miss it so much. It looked nicer somehow. Very in autumn (is that even correct grammatically?). And I went to the library trying to kill sometime before my hair appointment. Guess what? The girl opposite me and I were doing the same thing - only unknown was that who got a bigger fish.

Was also hungry before going for the hair appointment (had lunch at 1130 this morning) so I bought a cinnamon roll with chocolate chips. It was OK. But it reminded me of my Grandma. She used to buy that from 太平 everytime she went to there. Am not sure if I liked it but it sure reminded me of the past. It's gonna be the 7th anniversary soon, from the day she passed away in 1999. She is said to be the yeast of the family. Without her, we wouldn't have grown so much. It pains me that I didn't show her enough love while she was alive. I hope that doesn't happen with my parents.

That reminds me, there's something I gotta do when I go back to Tanah Merah in June/July.

Catch ya later. And o-u-t!

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